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Beware of Online Scams

Conducting business and shopping online have become our new routine and with this activity we are vulnerable to scammers. Melinda speaks with Officer Rob Katzaroff from the Scottsdale Police department about ways to protect ourselves. Jeremy Mueller from State Farm Insurance talks about our home insurance policy should we become a victim. Dr. Rob DiVito […]

Facing the Uncertainty

Between the social distancing and the uncertainty that lie ahead, we can let fear get the best of us. But knowing we have our each other to rely on can make a world of difference. This week we’re joined by Dr Carlos Mata of Natural Results Plastic Surgery, Dr Rob Divito of Arizona Center for […]

Disinfection of Root Canals with Photon-Induced Photoacoustic Streaming

This study set out to compare the efficacy of laser-activated and ultrasonically activated root canal disinfection with conventional irrigation, specifically its ability to remove bacterial film formed on root canal walls. Methods: Seventy human premolars were shaped to an apical size #20, taper .07, sterilized, and contaminated in situ with oral bacteria for 1 week […]

Dr. Roberto DiVito Scottsdale AZ Dentist Laser Root Canal

1. What is a root canal? Root canal therapy, or endodontics, is a branch of dentistry that deals with treatment of dental pulp (nerve) damage and is the best way to directly address the pain and save the tooth. This can be performed by a general dentist or you may be referred to a root […]

Dr. Roberto DiVito on

Dr. Roberto DiVito was asked to be the contributing expert on website. Dr. Rob’s articles on the topics of Implants, Invisalign, Root Canals, and Cosmetic Dentistry have given the readers some basic knowlegde on commonly asked dental questions. If you should have more questions call the Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry and one […]

Dr. DiVito on XTRA Sports Radio’s Money Line

Dr. DiVito was interviewed on XTRA Sports Radio’s Money Line program with host Eric Lay. These informative interviews touched on topics such as laser dentistry, root canals, teeth cleanings, whitening and CEREC one day crowns. For more answers to your questions contact the Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry today at (480) 699-9340.         […]

European Commission Report Recommends Phasing Out Dental Amalgam

A European Commission report by the BIO Intelligence Service (BIOS) recommending the phase-out of dental amalgam and mercury in button cell batteries has many wondering if the whole of Europe will eliminate the use of dental mercury by 2018. It’s about time, and hopefully it would push the United States to quickly follow suit. Currently about half of […]

Recent Study Questions Safety of Dental X-rays

The Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry is aware of the recent media concerns regarding a possible connection between dental X-rays and brain tumors. Please refer to the following information provided by the American Dental Association as the basis of opinion on the matter, here at the Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry.   The American Dental […]

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