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Our full-service family, general, cosmetic dental office in North Scottsdale has raised the standard of care for dental patients by utilizing advanced laser technology to reduce the pain normally associated with some dental procedures. When using the laser, there is no need for drills or needles. The laser also provides more comfort, eliminates numbness and promotes faster healing.
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Dr. Enrico DiVito and Dr. Roberto DiVito
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Dr. Roberto DiVito and Dr. Enrico DiVito
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Our Cosmetic Dental Services In Scottsdale Include:
ONE VISIT CROWNS – You can have custom-made, natural looking dental crowns in just one office visit.
COSMETIC DENTISTRY – We give you a winning smile Glo tooth whitening, enamel shaping, bonding and custom-made laminate veneers which are all part of our cosmetic dentistry options.
TOOTH RESTORATIONS – Ceramic restorations that are both economical and beautifully esthetic can be performed in one day. They include crowns, veneers, bonding onlays and inlays.
LASER = No Shot. No Drill. No Anesthesia.
Dr. DiVito uses the latest in laser technology to treat root canals. This new technology called photon induced photoacoustic streaming or PIPS ,gently reduces biofilms, which have been shown to be the major contributor to root canals abscess and the need to retreat previously treated root canals. In addition to PIPS, ask Dr. DiVito more about the revolutionary multisconic root canal treatment procedure called GentleWave®.

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“I would like to express a deepest gratitude to Dr. Roberto DiVito and Dr. Enrico DiVito for absolutely unbelievable work they did. It’s a miracle.”

Good Luck Heather Heath, Miss Copper State!

Dr. Roberto DiVito and Dr. Enrico DiVito
Lasers in Endodontics
Scientific Background and Clinical Applications
by: Dr. Enrico DiVito
The book offers up-to-date information on all aspects of the use of lasers in endodontics, focusing especially on the various laser applications, including primary and permanent root canal therapies, retreatments, apical surgery and pulp therapy. Every laser technique used in endodontics is carefully described and illustrated, with detailed coverage of both conventional methods and more recent developments such as laser-activated irrigation and photon-induced photoacoustic streaming.
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