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Cosmetic Dentistry

Through cosmetic dentistry, the appearance of the teeth and smile can be altered to more closely match the patient’s subjective concept of what is visually pleasing.

Cosmetic Laser Dentistry – Our Scottsdale AZ Dental Office

Cosmetic laser dentistry is a discipline within dentistry in which the primary focus is the modification of the appearance of a patient’s oral cavity and surrounding structures. This process incorporates the prevention and treatment of organic, structural, or functional oral disease. Cosmetic Laser Dentistry is now available in our Scottsdale, Arizona office. Enjoy the results with less pain.


Materials Used in Cosmetic Dentistry

In the past, dental fillings and other tooth restorations were made of gold, amalgam and other metals some of which were veneered with porcelain. Now, dental work can be made entirely of porcelain or composite materials that more closely mimic the appearance of the natural tooth structure. These tooth-colored materials are bonded to the underlying tooth structure with resin adhesives. At the Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry we also utilize CEREC® restorations (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) to give your restored tooth a more natural match to the rest of your teeth, and help preserve the healthy part of that tooth. This procedure can be completed in just one visit.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Treatments

or “tooth bleaching”, is the most commonly prescribed cosmetic dental procedure.
While many whitening options are now available, dentist-supervised treatments remain the recommended procedures for lightening discolored teeth to bring back your beautiful smile.
Enamel shaping,
removes part of the contouring enamel to improve the appearance of the tooth.
It may be used to correct a very small chip of a cracked tooth or to reshape a tooth.
is an option for chipped or cracked teeth.
It is a process in which an enamel-like dental composite material is applied to a tooth’s surface, sculpted into shape, hardened, and then polished.
ultra-thin, custom-made laminates that are bonded directly to the teeth, are an increasingly popular procedure.
They are an option for closing gaps or disguising discolored teeth that do not respond well to whitening procedures.

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