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One incredible patients
TMJ therapy success

I want to share with you the significant impact that Dr. DiVito has made on the quality of my life. After a car accident I sustained a concussion and thereafter was unable to sleep at night due to coughing and choking. I tried multiple different solutions, several years went by and nothing improved. I met Dr. DiVito to obtain a second opinion on a failed root canal that another provider did. He saved my tooth and during the appointment he noted that my jaw was out of alignment. He shared TMJ therapy information and although the mouthpiece was a financial investment, it was the best investment that I ever made! From the very first night that I used it, I had a good night’s rest. No longer did my dog and son need to wake me throughout the night to stop me from coughing and choking. I finally live a enjoyable comfortable life, I am very grateful to Dr. DiVito and his staff!

November 2022

Dear Dr. DiVito,

I switched to seeing Dr. DiVito because I was intrigued by his use of lasers to fill cavities without the pain and effects (non-functioning lips!) of local anesthesia. I was extremely pleased and impressed with the process. However, I soon became aware of a serious dental challenge that threatened my livelihood as a public speaker – the clicking and “sticking” of my jaw joints due to TMJ. It had been a joke in my family for years at how I couldn’t open my jaw wide enough to eat a hamburger or other thick foods, but I’d shrugged it off as unfixable. Now with my jaw sticking, clicking, and causing pain, it was no longer a joke. Dr. DiVito kindly introduced me to his self-invented treatment for addressing TMJ. I was reluctant – because of the cost and time – but realized the severity of the situation when the opening of my mouth measured 22 cm instead of the normal 40 cm. I definitely had a problem! Now after treatment, my jaw opening measures a consistent 36 cm without any clicking or sticking. In addition, I never realized it was normal for one’s back teeth to meet so as to have an appropriate “bite” and ability to chew. The final part of the treatment, which consisted of adding “fills” or crowns to my back bottom teeth, restored my correct bite and allows my mouth to functions the way God created it to be! I often think with gratitude and admiration of Dr. DiVito and this remarkable treatment protocol he devised. I would encourage anyone to consider it and to be patient with the process and financial investment. The results are surely worth it!
Thank you, Katrina J. Z. Jun 9, 2021

I would like to express a deepest gratitude to Dr. Roberto DiVito and Dr. Enrico DiVito for absolutely unbelievable work they did. It’s a miracle. I had a sensitive tooth and I came to check what is about. Dr. Roberto did an X-ray, but nothing was there, so he offer me to do a scan and scan showed that there is an infection at the last of my teeth on the top. He offers me to do even root canal or take the tooth out.
I chose a root canal. A few min later Dr. Enrico worked on the root canal, which was so difficult to clean, as some kind of heavy metal was staffed there, after an hour or so he took a break and work again to get to the infection. He cleaned the roots and saved my tooth. I had zero pain. After I left the office I didn’t have any pain, any swollen chick ether. I had the most amazing experience ever. Grateful beyond words for the miracle job Dr. Roberto and Enrico did.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. With joy and deep appreciation,
Helena Kazakeviciene

I have had many “bad” experiences with dentists around the world up until today and finally a “great” experience at this Dentist! Dr. Rob DiVito totally managed to repair my broken teeth and cavity and also deep clean “painlessly”, and in one visit!!! Dr. Rob impressed me with his state of the art knowledge and professional bedside manner. He is a master communicator and never missed a beat! No chalky, pasty impressions needed to be made, no broken promises. He talked me through each step and then did what he said he would do. He even made the crowns himself on a lathe right there next to the dental chair! Deborah and David, his assistants were super duper in helping him and they were also very friendly like him. I highly recommend Dr. Robert E. DiVito and his staff at Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ

Antar – Mesa, AZ

Dear Dr. DiVito, Thank you for a great year! I have learned so much from you. Thank you for caring enough to bring out the best in me. I have improved a lot because of your generous advice and knowledge. I will miss seeing you in clinic and being your resident. You have made an impact in my career and have left a mark in so many different ways. I will always remember that attitude of “gusto” and enthusiasm you have in the clinic. Your ideas are always a breath of fresh air.  

KS – Recent Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health Graduate

We moved here 2 years ago & have been to a couple of dentists, not happy at all!! Then we were referred to Drs. Enrico & Roberto DiVito on Thompson Peak Pkwy, just a block west of Hayden!! Oh my gosh!!! Talk about high tech & impressive!! If you are in need of a great dentist (& NO, we are not profiting from this recommendation!!), call them!! 480-990-1905. They are a father & son team, specializing in state of the art dentistry, including laser dentistry (replacing the drill!!), porcelain crowns in 1 visit, non-surgical treatment of TMJ and headache pain & general & cosmetic dentistry!! The Dr. AND their staff & assistants are totally wonderful in the personality department too!!!!

Charlene- Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. DiVito’s practice in Scottsdale, AZ, is highly recommended to all! He uses the most up-to-date equipment, has a well-trained staff, and provides a calm atmosphere. If it weren’t for Dr. DiVito and his staff, I would still be having migraine headaches associated with TMJ.  

Mark – Phoenix, AZ

Being a physician, I have been privy to both pre-& post-care of countless patients who have received treatment from Dr. DiVito. I can attest that his methods provide consistent & dramatic results by addressing the individual’s precise cause of pathology. If you want the job done right, & done once, this is the dentist to hire.  

MB – Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. DiVito was the only doctor who was able to help me without performing surgery on my jaw!! If I had not met him I would have had a lifetime of pain. He is honest and caring. I HIGHLY recommend him.  

Fern – Scottsdale, AZ

Before you read this review I have to say that I always read reviews and this was the one time I didn’t because I was so desperate to find a dentist in my urgency. I am somewhat a skeptic when I read the “5 star” reviews, but never the less, grateful, as I do find them very helpful. I have never written a review in my life, but after my unbelievable experience at Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry with Dr. Enrico DiVito and staff it would be a crime for me to not share with others this wonderful establishment. I do not like going to dentists and never have but this office and the service has changed my opinion completely, and I am so blessed to have found them so randomly as due to the urgent nature, I just searched the web. I loved the fact that he was a “green” oriented office in a beautiful area and was located in close proximity to where I live. So here is what happened: I broke a crown in the middle of the night and was in a complete panic not only because I had a meeting the next day but because I am new in town and have no dentist nor any references for one. I randomly went online searching for a dentist that could not only repair it in time but whose work was to my standards, as I moved from Los Angeles, working in the television industry and my dentist was one whose clients were all on t.v. and in film, so his work was impeccable. Starting with the initial phone call Deborah was so polite and so understanding of my situation and told me to come in right away and they would fit me in. The office is extremely efficient as all the paperwork can be filled out on line prior to the visit and it takes only about 5 minutes. When I walked in the office is incredibly beautiful and comfortable with a “tuscanyesque ” design that makes you want to move in. It was just beautiful, just like a resort living room that you never want to leave. Connie greeted me at the reception desk and was so nice and welcoming and Deborah who I had spoken to on the phone was as nice and accommodating in person as she was on the phone. I had very little wait time and they took me back where I was put in an extremely comfortable exam chair. The office has all the newest equipment and procedures and I liked that. The dental assistant was very helpful and professional as well. Dr. DeVito was so pleasant and understanding of my situation. He was so personable and professional and his work was absolutely impeccable, better than my “Hollywood doc!” and that is a true statement. I was and am elated with his work. There was no pain whatsoever, and the efficient manner in which he and his assistants worked was fantastic especially since I had to hurry and get to my appointment. Arizona Center For Laser Dentistry is a family business as both Dr. DeVito’s sons are a part of his practice, but that is it, not like many offices today where there are 10 plus doctors in one office and you feel like cattle being shuffled through the prompts. It is a very family oriented boutique like environment which I loved and which allows for the one on one personal attention you receive. I was lucky enough to meet his beautiful and talented wife who turns out did all the gorgeous design work in the office. I could go on and on. I just want everyone to know that if you are need of a 5 Star dentist I am telling you that you will find that with Dr. DeVito and staff. I have never experienced a dentist’s office like The Center For Laser Dentistry where the professionalism, and personable service is unlike no other. It is a great experience and there is no need to look anywhere else once you make your first visit. I am blessed to have had this experience and hope you try it as well. Trust me, you will not regret it. Many thanks to Dr. DeVito and staff, you turned my terrible and urgent situation into one of the luckiest days of my life! Highly, Highly recommended!!  

Lisa – Scottsdale, AZ

Great idea using the Laser! The tooth feels great; Thanks! I did not get any swelling or soreness. I did not need any painkillers. Awesome job!  

Martina – Scottsdale, AZ

I’ve been seeing Dr. DiVito for years. He is very good, gentle, and precise about his work. His son is also following in his footsteps which makes it good to have a family run business.The staff in the office are always friendly and helpful. If you do your part by brushing, flossing, and going in for checkups, things won’t be so bad. I actually don’t dread the dentist anymore.  

Cookie – Scottsdale, AZ

I was extremely impressed with Dr. Rob’s professionalism, knowledge of the field and he is very personable, which made me feel very comfortable. He is a lovely young man and of course, I expected this to be so after enjoying many years of care by his father, Enrico DiVito. Although when Dr. DiVito moved much farther away from our home, my husband and I could not go to any other dentist. The new office makes a very impressive statement in appearance and location. Lastly, the office equipment appears to be state-of-the-art so that a patient feels as if they are getting the very highest care possible.  

Cookie – Scottsdale, AZ

A dental office that is staffed by professionals who really do care about the patient’s needs and comfort. The office is equipped with the latest technology and equipment in a very upbeat environment. A visit to this dental office can put a smile on your face!  

Richard – Scottsdale, AZ

I had a wonderful time, as usual, when it comes to your practice. The staff is always friendly and know who I am right when I walk in the door. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and really taking the time to get to know me as a person, not just a patient.  

RJ – Tucson, AZ

This is my first time in my life that I have had a good experience with my dental procedure. Dr. Enrico DiVito is the absolute best at his practice and truly cares how the patient feels during and after the procedure. When I had so much pain with my tooth, I called the office after hours and spoke directly to the answering service. She got Dr. DiVito immediately on the phone and when Dr. DiVito spoke to me and I described my pain, he met me at this office within 10 minutes. He even called me later that afternoon to see how I was feeling after he performed a root canal! Dr. Enrico DiVito and Dr. Rob DiVito and their awesome staff have created a positive environment for their patients which is remarkable. I can now say that I do not feel anxious and nervous about going to the dentist, which is pretty amazing for me!  

Dominique – Scottsdale, AZ

Jan at the front desk was very accommodating about my schedule and cheerfully moved my appointment. Dr. Rob was his usual pleasant, competent self, providing me quick, painless and top notch service, all the while keeping me informed along the way. I am 55 and have been to a lot of dentists and orthodontists, but by far Dr. Rob and the Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry are the best experience I have ever had.  

Mike – Phoenix, AZ

I wanted to thank you again for the excellent experience I had the other day in your office. As you know, I am a nervous Nelly and I am a bad gagger. The Isolite made it so much better. Once I knew that I would not gag it clearly made everything so much easier. I knew that nothing would go down my throat and it kept things nice and dry so that I did not feel like I needed to stop and swallow all the time…By the way my teeth look great and I love them!  

Lisa W. – Glendale, AZ

I am so grateful to have met Dr. DiVito. I was at my end. I have had Migraines 2 to 3 days every week for 34 years. I was getting worse every week. Dr. DiVito told me I had TMJ. Other doctor’s wanted to do surgery, one even wanted to do exploratory brain surgery! I trusted Dr. DiVito. I did exactly what he said. I no longer have migraines, I am off all medications, I can now make plans and keep them. I can exercise, work and play with my grandchild. That I couldn’t do with my own kid’s (quiet, mommy has a headache again). Thank-you, Dr. DiVito.  

Bonnie – Phoenix, AZ

I was one of those patients that I was thinking living with jaw pain it was part of life, Dr. DiVito’s TMJ treatment had made a tremendous impact on my life, if you thinking of visiting a doctor I would recommend Dr. DiVito.  

Sara – Scottsdale, AZ

The teeth seem perfect and I didn’t have a moment’s pain, very surprising. Thank you for staying late to make it right….I appreciate it, and appreciate being able to get in at the last minute for this. I am so happy to not have to worry while going out of the country. Your office is a GREAT place….must be the best in the Valley…both of you doctors and your great staff make it the best. I’ve been to so many dentist offices in my life, and yours is by far the best.  

Marilyn – Scottsdale, AZ

TMJ had negatively impacted my life in all areas. Dr. DiVito fitted me with an appliance which I faithfully wore at all times over the course of three months. I felt immediate relief which brought to light a number of associated symptoms I had unknowingly lived with for years. My ear no longer hurt, nor did it feel clogged, the shooting pain up the back of my head subsided, my neck was pain-free and I began to regain full range of motion when turning my head. The day arrived when he told me I was ready for Phase II, the build-up of my teeth. I was nervous because I had become attached to my appliance, fearing my jaw would revert back after it was taken out. Upon completion of the crowns, I realized it was even better. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Had I not found Dr. DiVito, I would have likely been reduced to a life of pain management therapy. Dr. DiVito is incredibly talented, caring and dedicated. I am eternally grateful to him and his amazing staff for returning me to an enjoyable, pain-free life which I had all but forgotten.  

Ann – Glendale, AZ

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