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PIPS Root Canal Laser Therapy

Root Canals Scottsdale AZ – Root Canal Laser Dentist & Therapy at Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry

Generally caused by tooth decay or shock, pulp or nerve tissue damage can be an excruciating experience, with symptoms including pain while chewing, sensitivity and swelling. If left untreated, pulp damage can lead to abscesses, or pus-filled infections, and eventually to tooth loss. Endodontics, or root canal therapy, is the branch of dentistry that deals with treating dental pulp damage and is the best way to directly address the pain and save the tooth. During a root canal procedure, infected nerve tissue is cleaned out and replaced with filler to prevent further infection. With proper anesthesia, root canal therapy can be a pain free process.

At Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry, we employ the latest in Laser technology by using minimally invasive treatment and decontaminate the infected tooth. This greatly decreases the possibility of future re-infection or failure of root canals as often seen. If you are experiencing tooth pain, sensitivity or swelling, it is important to act fast, not only to relieve your pain, but also to save the tooth from complete decay.

Drs. Enrico and Roberto DiVito continually try to stay ahead and use the best and latest in new dental technology advances. To improve the protocol used for root canals Dr. DiVito has advanced from PIPS and is now using exclusively GentleWave by Sonendo. This closed multisconic system for irrigating root canals brings an all new level of cleaning and disinfection to our patients. Studies have verified its effectiveness both in scientific research and clinically with patients. Ask us about this revolutionary technology now being used in our office.

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Using the latest in laser technology, Dr. DiVito uses photon induced photoacoustic streaming or PIPS (now GentleWave® System for endodontics) to gently and effectively irrigate, decontaminate and reduce biofilms which have been shown to be the major contributor to root canal abscess and the need to retreat previously treated root canals. Ask Dr. DiVito more about this revolutionary laser technique.

A root canal is only half of the final treatment of the tooth and is only as strong as the final seal around it. This seal can be in the form of a filing or a crown. Many times, when root canals are performed, the dentist has had to drill through an existing large filling or a large part of the natural tooth has broken off or is missing due to decay. Once the root canal is completed, the dentist will recommend the kind of sturdy restoration that should be placed on the tooth. In the case of a back molar tooth, it is highly advised to place a crown. This will provide an internal seal and maintain normal chewing functions.

If a root canal has been well restored, either by a filling or a crown, it should be as strong as your other teeth. Just like other teeth, a tooth that has had a root canal is subject to decay and the environment within your mouth. It is important to follow up on your regular dental checkups to see if the root canal and the seal placed over the root canal is maintaining a proper seal.

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ROOT CANAL INTERVIEW: Root canal therapy, or endodontics, is a branch of dentistry that deals with treatment of dental pulp (nerve) damage and is the best way to directly address the pain and save the tooth. READ MORE…..

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Lasers in Endodontics
Scientific Background and Clinical Applications
by: Dr. Enrico DiVito
The book offers up-to-date information on all aspects of the use of lasers in endodontics, focusing especially on the various laser applications, including primary and permanent root canal therapies, retreatments, apical surgery and pulp therapy. Every laser technique used in endodontics is carefully described and illustrated, with detailed coverage of both conventional methods and more recent developments such as laser-activated irrigation and photon-induced photoacoustic streaming.

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