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Head, Neck, Shoulder (TMJ) Solutions

Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry, proudly serving Phoenix, AZ, provides the best diagnosis and treatment for patients who are suffering from the face, head, neck, and shoulder pain associated with (TMJ) Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. Our practice located in Scottsdale, AZ is the only diagnostic center of its kind in the state of Arizona and has assisted hundreds of TMJ patients in Arizona including Glendale, AZ Paradise Valley, AZ Tempe, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Peoria, AZ Mesa, AZ Sun City, AZ Avondale, AZ Goodyear, AZ Chandler, AZ Gilbert, AZ Phoenix, AZ Surprise, AZ Sun City West, AZ Fountain Hills, AZ

Specializing in Head, Neck, Shoulder (TMJ) Solutions for Phoenix Patients

Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry is an internationally recognized treatment facility and a leader (TMJ Dentist ) in treating successfully TMJ conditions quickly and painlessly. Dr. DiVito uses medical grade imaging including 3D CT scans, magnetic resonance, CAD/CAM (computer assisted design and milling) and advanced laser technology to deliver low level light therapy applications allowing for reduced pain and quicker healing for damaged jaw joint tissues. Our Scottsdale, AZ office proudly serving patients in Phoenix area for over 35 years with our team consisting of a top rated best in his class in laser dentistry who specifically specialize in TMJ treatments.

Dr. Enrico DiVito has advanced training for treatment of TMJ. He can treat the underlying cause of your TMJ/TMD, thereby relieving your painful symptoms. You will be happy to know that TMJ/TMD can often be stopped and reversed with the proper care.

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TMJ Treatment for Phoenix Patients

Dr. Enrico DiVito, clinical director for Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry, is a renowned dentist in the field of TMD/TMJ. Dr. DiVito has successfully treated several thousand patients using his non-surgical, noninvasive therapeutic treatment approach. Part of his commitment to serving his patients includes providing them with information that will help them to make a better informed decision about TMJ treatment. Dr. Enrico E. DiVito is a dentist with advanced training for the non-surgical management of TMJ disorders. He is a native of Phoenix and has practiced in Scottsdale since 1980. His staff is highly trained and experienced in helping manage sick and injured patients. A complete dental examination with appropriate x-rays is usually done to help determine if a victim of head and neck trauma and has sustained a TMJ injury. Sometimes an MRI study will also be needed to examine the soft structures that are damaged in these injuries. A complete TMJ evaluation can put the victim’s mind at ease about the reason for face, jaw and headache pain.


“I had jaw joint pain for many years and never would have believed that it was that easy to get rid of. After only a few months of wearing Dr. DiVito’s splint at night and not biting down during the day, my jaw totally relaxed and popped back in place. The therapeutical crowns were put on top of my own teeth without harming them. It is amazing not to have any pain, popping or clicking and my face and neck muscles don’t feel sore anymore..”
Martina Phoenix, AZ

After the initial evaluation has been completed, a pain-free, non-surgical plan is developed for each patient.

“If it weren’t for Dr. DiVito and his staff, I would still be having migraine headaches associated with TMJ.”
Mark Phoenix, AZ

If your in Phoenix, and you have TMJ disorder and are looking for a specialist in the field, or have a question, please contact us. TMJ Symptoms: Below are a few symptoms that can help determine whether or not you suffer from TMJ: Headaches: sometimes of migraine proportions. Ear pain symptoms: ringing or stuffiness in the ears, hearing loss, “plugged” ears, ear pain, a feeling of “under water” Clicking: There is a pad or disc which ideally sits between the temporal bone and mandible in the TM Joint. This cushion, like a magic carpet, can slip out of place causing clicking when opening and closing. Clicking can lead to locking and grating or crepitus. Locking: When a disc is chronically displaced, it does not always click back into place. This leads to locking of the jaw joint with deflection of the jaw and limited range of motion. Popping: Some clicking can be staccato or popping by nature. Jaw Pain: Although it can originate from many sources, the most common reason for jaw pain is dental, then musculoskeletal. Most dentists can rule out dental decay, periodontal disease or root canal as the offending dental pathology. Muscles, tendons, ligaments and the temporomandibular joint can all cause jaw pain. Jaw pain can radiate from the neck.

We have developed a custom TMJ Questionnaire to help you determine if you are experiencing signs or symptoms typically associated with TMJ. Symptoms vary in their presentation and can be very complex. Often times the symptoms will involve more than one of the three components: muscles associated with TMJ, the Temporomandibular joints, and how the teeth are affected by TMJ. Dr. DiVito and his staff can provide complete non-surgical management of TMJ related injuries and can also treat damaged teeth and oral structures. In the event of head/neck trauma or other accident do not put off an early visit for a TMJ evaluation.

TMJ Treatment Options Pheonix

Once the condition has been stabilized and the patient is comfortable, different treatment options are available. Since one treatment does not fit everyone, Dr. DiVito will discuss in detail all of your TMJ options for review.

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms and are searching for a TMJ/TMD or sleep apnea specialist that serves the Phoenix, AZ area, contact us (480) 990-1905 today for a comprehensive examination.

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