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Treating TMJ / TMD Syndrome Scottsdale AZ

The most common symptoms related to TMJ are pain in front of the ears, clicking noises in the jaw hinge joints, headaches at the sides of the head and pain in the back of the neck. Quite often there is a feeling that the bite is off or there is pain while chewing. Sensitivity to bright lights, ear aches and inability to open the mouth normally are extremely common for people suffering from TMJ.

Non-Surgical Alternative

A complete dental examination with appropriate x-rays is conducted to help determine if a victim of head or neck trauma has sustained a TMJ injury. Sometimes an MRI study will also be needed to examine the soft structures that might be damaged in these injuries. A complete TMJ evaluation can put the victim’s mind at ease about the reason for the jaw and headache pain.

After the initial evaluation has been completed, a pain-free, non-surgical plan is developed for each patient. Here is what TMJ / TMD patients say about our Dr. Divito.

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"Dr. DiVito was the only doctor who was able to help me without performing surgery on my jaw!! If I had not met him I would have had a lifetime of pain. He is honest and caring. I HIGHLY recommend him."
— Fern
Scottsdale, AZ
"I am so grateful to have met Dr. DiVito. I have had Migraines 2 to 3 days every week for 34 years. I was getting worse every week. Dr. DiVito told me I had TMJ. Other doctor's wanted to do surgery, one even wanted to do exploritory brain surgery! I trusted Dr. DiVito. I did exactly what he said. I no longer have migraines, I am off all medications, I can now make plans and keep them. Thank you, Dr. DiVito."
— Bonnie
Phoenix, AZ
"I had jaw joint pain for many years and never would have believed that it was that easy to get rid of. After only a few months of wearing Dr. DiVito's splint at night and not biting down during the day, my jaw totally relaxed and popped back in place. The therapeutical crowns were put on top of my own teeth without harming them. It is amazing not to have any pain, popping or clicking and my face and neck muscles don't feel sore anymore."
— Martina
Phoenix, AZ
"If it weren't for Dr. DiVito and his staff, I would still be having migraine headaches associated with TMJ."
— Mark
Phoenix, AZ

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