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Dr. Rob DiVito
Dr. Rob DiVito

Scottsdale AZ Dentist, Family Dentist, General Cosmetic Dentist

Modern Dentist, Timeless Values

When you first enter the office of Dr. Roberto DiVito you immediately get the impression that this is professionalism at its finest.  The staff up front is both efficient and friendly, the waiting room is elegant, and the bathroom even has discardable toothbrushes for a quick brush right before your appointment.  Then you are greeted by one of the professional dental assistants who escorts you back to one of the spacious dental rooms.  Everything is clean, organized, and every direction you look there is modern technology, artwork, or a smiling face.  This functional and welcoming environmental feel is surely no accident.

We have all been to a dentist office, at some point in time, that feels more like a mechanic’s bay than a relaxing space.  While I’m not going to pretend going to the dentist is the most pleasant experience, I can assure you that this dentist does his absolute best to control your pain level, all the while communicating with you about any changes in your experience during a cleaning or procedure.  The patient he was with during my opportunity to visit his office (back stage pass, oh yeah!) had no pain issues and felt absolutely involved in her dental care.  In fact, she was so involved she was able to push the start button on her own crown, which would be ready in approximately ten minutes!

Work/Life Balance

We will surely get back to the mind-blowing dental technology soon, but now that I have exposed you briefly to the office experience, let’s talk about this local leader himself.  So far you know that he has an elegant workspace, friendly and effective staff, modern technology, and patients who are involved in their own treatment.  The part you will have to take my word for, until you start visiting him as your new dentist, is that his character is impeccable.  Dr. Roberto DiVito embodies integrity, responsibility, honor, honesty, charm, and class, but most importantly, he’s a genuine person who is passionate about his work and family.  I asked Dr. DiVito for a gem of advice, and his advice, perfectly matching who he is, is about work/life balance.  In his own words:

Many years ago, a mentor told me to not only work hard, but to remember to play hard.  He also told me it’s not about the income, it’s about the outcome.  I took that to heart and I have found that attaining a work/life balance means more than just making money and being a workaholic. Being passionate about my work has allowed me to have quality time with family, and quality time with my family allows me to have the energy to match my passion at work.  I am devoted to being able to help others improve their oral health while at the same time being able to be a father and experience life with a family.

Lifetime Benefits

There it is.  A member of the medical profession subscribes to work hard, play hard.  No, he isn’t talking about Wiz Khalifa’s rap anthem in 2012, he means to be fully present and engaged in both his personal and professional life.  Having known this community leader for years I can attest to his quality engagement in all life has to offer.  Candid and articulate, Dr. DiVito actively cares for his patients and family in a way that proves his character time and time again.  Oh and rest assured, he is a very talented, sure handed, dentist too.  So, with that in mind, I also asked him for some dental advice for everyone — your teeth are welcome.  Here is his comprehensive advice on teeth:

Poor oral health can lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other illnesses.  It is never too late to pay attention to your dental health, no matter how young or seasoned the patient.  Many patients feel apprehensive about visiting a dentist, but getting your foot through the door can solve half your issues.  A thorough exam cannot only promote good oral health but many times can help you with your overall health.  Simply brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash, between visits, is a great way to help ensure a healthy mouth.  People often ask me for recommendations for brushes, pastes, and washes; the simple answer is to find something you like and use it daily.  The consistency of daily use will present oral health benefits that last a lifetime. 

Putting It All Together

I would like to sincerely thank Dr. DiVito for contributing to the people.ideology section of my endeavor.  His advice will serve as a valuable reminder on philosophy that benefits a person’s character.  He is a modern, engaged father who has advanced character skills.  Thus, it is only fitting that his office uses modern technology and advanced dental techniques.

Remember the patient from the beginning of the story?  She watched an advanced, dual-sided drill carve her crown out of a solid block of material in ten minutes.  The fact that she was able to move so freely during the crown process was a testament to his pain management skills.  The design for the tooth came from digital photos taken by Dr. DiVito, combined with his manual adjustments on the CAD design program (this man is multi-talented).  He has other fun devices too.  There is the intraoral camera that gives you a real, close-up look at any dental issue on a screen the size of a small bedroom TV.  Of course, he will not force you to stare endlessly inside your mouth, magnified to TV proportions, but it is an amazing resource that he will incorporate perfectly into your dental visit.  Dr. DiVito has lasers for cleaning, cavity preparation, crown and bridge preparation, oral lesion treatment, and a revolutionary root canal therapy.  He also utilizes a magnificently delicate and well-calibrated Cavitron to clean a patient’s teeth without the scratch of a pick.  The list goes on, including a 3D X-Ray machine, but I must end there or I’ll end up starting a you tube channel and vlogging about amazing dental and medical devices.  The point is that Dr. DiVito works passionately to reduce, eliminate, or prevent your pain.

Dr. Enrico DiVito, a leading TMJ expert, started this practice in 1980, and in 2017 it is a thriving family practice.  Family and work balance together well for the DiVitos.  Father and son work side by side with ease.  Modern technology, bright friendly faces, qualified staff, beautiful decor, and qualified dentists fill the offices of Arizona Laser Dentistry

However, digging deeper into the office culture, I see a strong family foundation, genuine human connections, passionate work ethic, and two generations of  local community leaders.  Thank you for the advice, Dr. Rob.  Cheers to remaining passionate and balanced.

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