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Disinfection of Root Canals with Photon-Induced Photoacoustic Streaming

This study set out to compare the efficacy of laser-activated and ultrasonically activated root canal disinfection with conventional irrigation, specifically its ability to remove bacterial film formed on root canal walls. Methods: Seventy human premolars were shaped to an apical size #20, taper .07, sterilized, and contaminated in situ with oral bacteria for 1 week […]

Dr. Roberto DiVito Scottsdale AZ Cosmetic Implant Dentist

1. What might be some of the factors that would prevent me from being an implant candidate? An implant replaces the missing root of a tooth and provides an option for patients who do not want a bridge or partial denture.  To be a candidature for an implant you should have a thorough exam and […]

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