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Big Smiles this Spring

Who doesn’t love a great smile. Something we haven’t seen a lot of this past year with our masks. But now that we are spending more time outdoors it’s time to show off those pearly whites or not. Dr. Rob DiVito of Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry talks with Alicia about veneers. The good, the […]

Gum Disease May Raise Cancer Risk

People who have periodontal (gum) disease may have a higher risk of developing some forms of cancer, suggests a letter published in the journal Gut detailing a prospective study. A team of researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston carried out a study which examined the association between the history of […]

Are you safe?

Dr. Rob and Jeremy Mueller join Alicia talking all things hail damage from the rain storms last week. We also learn about the special deal Dr. Rob Divito from AZ Center for Laser Dentistry is giving our listeners. A special “smile” for you to enjoy. Joining Alicia in studio is SPD Officer Robert Katzaroff. They […]

Dr. Rob DiVito reminds us to use our dental benefits before the end of the year

Alicia Haygood talks to Jill Platt, President and Principal of Notre Dame Preparatory about how students are doing and the different campus activities. She also speaks to their school chaplain, Father Kurt about what led him to priesthood, his commitment to his faith and how he uses his love for music to connect with students. […]

Human coronaviruses ‘inactivated’ by mouthwash, oral rinses: study

The study’s results were published in the Journal of Medical Virology A new study conducted by researchers at the Penn State College of Medicine has found that a common dental item can inactivate human coronaviruses: mouthwash and oral rinses. For the study, the results of which were published in the Journal of Medical Virology, researchers tested various oral […]

COVID Emergence of Health and Insurance Issues

Many of us are returning to public life following months of quarantine and the reality of how COVID has impacted us is coming to light. Melinda and Alicia speak with Jeremy Mueller from Grayhawk State Farm Insurance, and Dr. Rob DiVito from AZ Center for Laser Dentistry. We will learn what we need to know […]

Is There a Dr. (or two) In The house?!

Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. Rob knew he wanted to become a dentist, working from the mailroom to the main chair. Alicia was all too eager to speak with the father/son duo on their relationship in and out of the mouth.

Girl Power On and Off The Green

Lead by Director Cori Matheson, Girls Golf of Phoenix is not only a great place for girls to learn about the game of golf but life lessons too. Cori started off as a student in the organization before turning pro, and then taking over Girls Golf of Phoenix herself. Her girls have known to be […]

Is It Time to Open Back Up?

Just when we’re starting to get into a better routine of quarantine, things change again. While we can’t be sure how and when coronavirus will end, many of us are anxious to get back into the world. Is now the right time? Are we starting too soon? Should we require testing beforehand? How slowly should […]

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