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TMJ / TMD Therapy Photos

TMJ / TMD Expert Dr. DiVito Scottsdale Therapy Photos

Scottsdale TMJ/TMD Expert. Welcome to your online resource for information on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of TMJ / TMD. If you are experiencing any TMJ symptoms, you can schedule your appointment with our TMJ dentist in Scottsdale. Dr. DiVito is a specialist in his field and has a world-renowned cosmetic dentistry practice in Scottsdale AZ.

At the Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry, Dr. DiVito uses medical grade magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to evaluate both the hard AND delicate soft tissues surrounding the jaw joint so that he can better manage and treat the pain and symptoms usually associated with jaw joint TMJ conditions.

Shows the basic shape of the disc the attachment of the disc to the Superior Lateral Pterygoid Muscle
Full Protrusion, note the position of the disc
Modification of Nakazawa drawing, note that the Superior Lateral Pterygoid is attached only at the medial half (inside half) or less of the Condyle. The direction of both muscles is both anterior and medial. The limitations of a direct lateral view should be obvious.

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