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Cosmetic Dentistry – Scottsdale Arizona Cosmetic Dentist

Our Cosmetic Dental Services In Scottsdale Include:

ONE VISIT CROWNS – You can have custom-made, natural-looking dental crowns in just one office visit.

    • COSMETIC DENTISTRY – We give you a winning smile Glo tooth whitening, enamel shaping, bonding and custom-made laminate veneers which are all part of our cosmetic dentistry options.
    • TOOTH RESTORATIONSCeramic restorations that are both economical and beautifully esthetic can be performed in one day. They include crowns, veneers, bonding onlays and inlays.
    • TMJ TREATMENT – We provide non-surgical treatment of TMJ and the resulting jaw and neck pain due to joint injury or trauma with Dr. DiVito’s proprietary, comprehensive approach to this issue.
    • DENTAL IMPLANTS – Permanent dental implants to replace missing teeth due to periodontitis, tooth decay or injury are also one of the services we offer.
    • INVISALIGN – Invisalign is the no braces, no wires method for straightening teeth, correcting overbites, underbites, crowded teeth or closing gaps between teeth. Invisalign is available at our office.
    • ROOT CANALSRoot canals or endodontics, using advanced Laser Technology to save a damaged tooth, is a specialty of this office. Dr. DiVito’s revolutionary technique (PIPS) to more gently and effectively prevent or treat root canal abscesses by more thoroughly decontaminating the area.
    • ROOT CANAL DISINFECTING – If you have a current abscess or infection in an existing root canal, we can decontaminate the infected tooth with a revolutionary laser application (PIPS) that is more than 10 times as effective as current best-practice methods.
    • DENTURES (COMPLETE AND PARTIAL) – Gain a beautiful smile with complete or partial dentures, which will help with chewing, support your facial structure (for more youthful appearance), improve your speech and provide you with a new-found confidence.

*New patients only in absence of gum disease

** Promo good until May 4th 2018

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