• APRIL 29, 2020

    Is It Time to Open Back Up?

    Just when we’re starting to get into a better routine of quarantine, things change again. While we can’t be sure how and when coronavirus will end, many of us are anxious to get back into the world. Is now the right time? Are we starting too soon? Should we require testing beforehand? How slowly should

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    • APRIL 11, 2020

    Stay at Home Schooling

    Well, the classroom is at least. Students, teachers and parents are learning in a whole new way now that coronavirus has shut everything down. We get three perspectives on online schooling, from a parent with Darren Tackett, Tori Divito is an online teacher and Notre Dame Prep Principal, Mrs. Jill Platt talks leadership.  

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    • MARCH 31, 2020

    Facing the Uncertainty

    Between the social distancing and the uncertainty that lie ahead, we can let fear get the best of us. But knowing we have our each other to rely on can make a world of difference. This week we’re joined by Dr Carlos Mata of Natural Results Plastic Surgery, Dr Rob Divito of Arizona Center for

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    • MARCH 7, 2020

    Home Liabilities, Beauty Due Diligence & Dental Responsibilities

    This week we are joined by Jeremy Mueller and we discuss pool and dog bite liabilities. We’re also joined by Dr Scottsdale, Dr Carlos Mata to talk about some dangers and considerations for common plastic surgery procedures and Dr Rob Divito visits us to talk about dental hygiene and care for kids.

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