Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry (AZCLD) Endodontic Publication

What can you tell us about your background? I am a native – “made in Italy” and born in Scottsdale, Arizona, a first-generation Italian/American! I attended Arizona State University, receiving my BS in biology with a minor in chemistry. Then I attended University of the Pacific (U of P) Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco, California. I returned to Scottsdale and started a private practice in 1980. Twelve years ago, I became involved in using both hard and soft tissue lasers and changed the name of the prac­tice to the Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry (AZCLD). At AZCLD, we use the latest in dental technology such as microscopes, digital radiography, 2D and 3D cone beam, CAD/CAM, and laser technology to deliver the highest quality dentistry available today. Is your practice limited solely to endodontics, or do you practice other types of dentistry?

Although I do a significant amount of endodontics in my practice, I am a general dentist with advanced training in both hard and soft tissue lasers, cranial mandibular dis­orders (TMJ) using therapeutic dental/alveolar orthopedics, and implant CAD/CAM restora­tion. As a result of graduating from U of P dental school that had a strong endodontic program, I have had a passion for endo­dontics. That passion still is thriving today. Why did you decide to focus on endodontics? Ever since attending dental school, I have always been interested in and drawn to both the beauty and complexity that nature has given us in pulpal anatomy. I feel like I am performing micro neurovascular surgery on every tooth I treat endodontically. Do your patients come through referrals? Yes, the majority of my patients have come through other patient referrals. However, in the past 5 years of my 37 -year run, more and more patients have started to seek out my services via the Internet as a result of my innovation in laser PIPS® tech­nology and more recently with the Gentle­Wave® System.

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